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  • @JennyBryan (Other than perhaps increasing the number of git commands that will work with copy-paste from some stackoverflow page ;-)

    11:45 2015/04/20
  • @JennyBryan so in a sense, this convention comes from git itself, but otherwise there's no reason to stick with it

    11:43 2015/04/20
  • @JennyBryan "origin" is the default name git clone creates for a remote; just as "master" is the default name of git init

    11:42 2015/04/20
  • @Erika_Check certainly! I think the piece came together very nicely

    12:26 2015/04/16
  • and great to see @UCDavis PhD student @CieraReports as a leading voice for reproducible research in this @Nature piece!

    09:16 2015/04/15


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  • Eluding catastrophic shifts: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2015). Pages: 201414708. Paula Villa Martín, Juan a. Bonachela, Simon a. Levin, Miguel a. Muñoz et al. 01:01 2015/04/10
  • Fitting complex population models by combining particle filters with Markov chain Monte Carlo: Ecology (2012). Volume: 93, Issue: 2. Pages: 256-263. Jonas Knape, Perry De Valpine et al. 01:01 2015/04/10
  • Regime shifts, thresholds and multiple stable states in freshwater ecosystems; a critical appraisal of the evidence: Science of The Total Environment (2015). Samantha J. Capon, a. Jasmyn J. Lynch, Nick Bond, Bruce C. Chessman, Jenny Davis, Nick Davidson, Max Finlayson, Peter a. Gell, David Hohnberg, Chris Humphrey, Richard T. Kingsford, Daryl Nielsen, James R. Thomson, Keith Ward, Ralph Mac Nally et al. 01:01 2015/04/10