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  • cboettig closed issue rocker-org/rocker-versioned#27: All images are based on R 3.3.3 only 06:59 2017/03/28
  • cboettig commented on issue rocker-org/rocker-versioned#27: Okay, sorry about that, should be fixed in all the images. I've added a simple test to the CI system which should catch this error if I ever forget… 06:59 2017/03/28
  • cboettig pushed to master at rocker-org/rocker-versioned: test at least one previous version indeed builds the expected R versi… 05:59 2017/03/28
  • cboettig starred AdaCompNUS/despot: 06:16 2017/03/28
  • cboettig starred adhiraj/despot: 06:13 2017/03/28


  • RT @HugePossum: Ecosystem services postdoc in New Zealand #biodiversity #postdocjob

    06:39 2017/03/28
  • @jameshowison was there a paper of yours showing how everyone still cites orig v of some algorithm (BLAST?) while using a much evolved v?

    11:41 2017/03/23
  • RT @MaribethLatvis: Using the Tree of Life to teach about biodiversity. Perspective from Ballen and Greene 2017.

    05:26 2017/03/22
  • @mturmind @TrevorABranch @FishBaseProject One could use @sckottie 's taxize pkg to get updated ITIS classif for FB species automatically

    05:36 2017/03/16
  • @TrevorABranch (or just omit the option, since it should default to https). patching now ;-)

    09:26 2017/03/15

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