Lab Notebook



  • cboettig commented on issue rstudio/rticles#28: @eddelbuettel Can you try setting LANG==en_US.UTF-8 (or Sys.setenv(LANG, "=en_US.UTF-8")) and see if that fixes it? It did for me in rstudio/rmarkd… 06:09 2015/03/01
  • cboettig closed issue rstudio/rmarkdown#383: render with bibtex bibliography always throws error: `pandoc-citeproc: could not find locale data for C-UTF-8` 06:07 2015/03/01
  • cboettig commented on issue rstudio/rmarkdown#383: @jjallaire Brilliant, thanks so much for the pointer; that indeed explains what is going on here. Looks like simply setting the system env var LANG… 06:07 2015/03/01
  • cboettig pushed to master at rocker-org/rocker: set LANG as well as LC_ALL to appropriate locale 05:49 2015/03/01
  • cboettig pushed to master at rocker-org/rstudio-daily: templates are now built into pandoc by default 05:17 2015/03/01



  • An efficient method for stochastic simulation of biological populations in continuous time: BioSystems (2009). Pages: 37-42. George Edward Allen, Calvin Dytham et al. 12:37 2015/02/25
  • Theory of early warning signals of disease emergenceand leading indicators of elimination: Theoretical Ecology (2013). Pages: 333-357. Suzanne M. O'Regan, John M. Drake et al. 12:37 2015/02/25
  • Self-organization of vegetation in arid ecosystems.: The American naturalist (2002). Volume: 160, Issue: 4. Pages: 524-530. Max Rietkerk, Maarten C Boerlijst, Frank van Langevelde, Reinier Hillerislambers, Johan van de Koppel, Lalit Kumar, Herbert H T Prins, André M de Roos et al. 05:02 2015/02/13
  • A novel modelof predator–prey interactions reveals the sensitivity of forage fish: piscivore fishery trade-offs to ecological conditions: ICES Journal of Marine Science (2014). Pages: 1439-1450. Timothy E. Essington, Marissa L. Baskett, James N. Sanchirico, Carl Walters et al. 05:02 2015/02/13