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  • cboettig commented on issue ropensci/rfishbase#97: @amroco @sckott Looks like it is from the Stocks Table, try: rfishbase::stocks("Astroscopus sexspinosus") %>% select(Northernmost, NorthSouthN, Sou… 07:49 2016/12/09
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  • @ctitusbrown Is it clear this policy is just the choice of @ZENODO_ORG and not rather a legal consequence of not transferring copyright?

    06:53 2016/12/09
  • RT @benmarwick: A turning point for @sciencemagazine? Both of these from this week. How about this: desk reject articles that don't have DO…

    06:42 2016/12/09
  • @noamross thoughts on @groundwalkergmb idea to PR against empty repo instead of opening an issue for @rOpenSci code review?

    08:31 2016/12/08
  • Love @github's new tools for code review, but wish they'd consider cases beyond PRs. Need to review the whole codebase, not just changes!

    08:26 2016/12/08
  • RT @chrishaid: Using #rstats and @docker in production? Use versioned R containers by @cboettig & @eddelbuettel


    08:28 2016/12/06


  • A survey of POMDP solution techniques: Environment (2000). Volume: 2, Issue: September. Pages: X3. K P Murphy et al. 08:04 2016/07/25
  • Advances in marine conservation: the role of marine protected areas.: Trends in ecology & evolution (1994). Volume: 9, Issue: 7. Pages: 267-70. M Tundi Agardy, M Tundi Agardy et al. 08:04 2016/07/25
  • Adaptive optimization and the harvest of biological populations: Mathematical Biosciences (1996). Volume: 136, Issue: 1. Pages: 1-20. Byron K. Williams et al. 08:04 2016/07/25
  • A New Paradigm for Adaptive Management: Ecology and Society (2013). Volume: 18, Issue: 4. Pages: 63. Lucy Rist, Adam Felton, Lars Samuelsson, Camilla Sandstrom, Ola Rosvall et al. 08:04 2016/07/25

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