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  • cboettig commented on issue ropensci/EML#202: hmm, I can't reproduce this error on 3.3.3. creators is undefined in the example above, but if I do: creator <- new("creator") creator@individualName 11:59 2017/03/21
  • cboettig opened pull request ropensci/EML#209: Migrate dependency to xml2 for all XML functionality 11:29 2017/03/21
  • cboettig commented on issue rocker-org/rocker#223: @WilliamFrecker No worries, we don't really have a great forum; though you'll find some rocker-related issues and knowledgeable people on stackover… 07:35 2017/03/21
  • cboettig pushed to master at ds421/rcds: site built on circle ci [ci skip] 07:17 2017/03/21
  • cboettig pushed to master at ds421/rcds: link to .Rmd with code from lecture 07:14 2017/03/21


  • @mturmind @TrevorABranch @FishBaseProject One could use @sckottie 's taxize pkg to get updated ITIS classif for FB species automatically

    05:36 2017/03/16
  • @TrevorABranch (or just omit the option, since it should default to https). patching now ;-)

    09:26 2017/03/15
  • @TrevorABranch whoops, forgot to update warning when we moved the API to https. If you use "" should not get warning.

    09:25 2017/03/15
  • @TrevorABranch cool, thanks! Still pretty basic, so feature requests always welcome. Much work done by @sckottie as well

    09:09 2017/03/15
  • RT @SoftwareSaved: Submit your abstract for the Docker Containers for Reproducible Research workshop (27-28/6, Cambridge) #C4RR by 31/3 htt…

    07:07 2017/03/08

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