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Book chapters

  • Carl Boettiger (2017). A Reproducible R Notebook Using Docker. In J. Kitzes, D. Turek, & F. Deniz (Eds.), The Practice of Reproducible Research: Case Studies and Lessons from the Data-Intensive Sciences (1st ed., pp. 109–117). Oakland, CA: UC Press.

Software projects

R Packages

  • emld: Ecological Metadata as Linked Data. Carl Boettiger (2019). CRAN_Status_Badge

  • virtuoso: Interface to Virtuoso using ODBC. Carl Boettiger (2019). CRAN_Status_Badge

  • rdflib: Tools to Manipulate and Query Semantic Data. Carl Boettiger (2018). CRAN_Status_Badge

  • codemetar: Generate CodeMeta Metadata for R Packages. Carl Boettiger, Maëlle Salmon (2018). CRAN_Status_Badge

  • EcoNetGen: Simulate and Sample from Ecological Interaction Networks. Marcus de Aguiar, Erica Newman, Mathias Pires, Carl Boettiger (2018). CRAN_Status_Badge

  • piggyback: Managing Larger Data on a GitHub Repository. Carl Boettiger (2018). CRAN_Status_Badge

  • arkdb: Archive and Unarchive Databases Using Flat Files. Carl Boettiger (2018). CRAN_Status_Badge

  • EML: Read and Write Ecological Metadata Language File. Carl Boettiger, Matt Jones (2016; v2 2019). CRAN_Status_Badge

  • RNeXML: Semantically Rich I/O for the NeXML Phylogenetics Format. Carl Boettiger, Scott Chamberlain, Hilmar Lapp, Rutger Voss (2014). CRAN_Status_Badge

  • pmc: Phylogenetic Monte Carlo. Carl Boettiger (2012). CRAN_Status_Badge

  • knitcitations: Citations for Knitr Markdown Files. Carl Boettiger (2012). CRAN_Status_Badge

  • rfishbase: R Interface to FishBase. Carl Boettiger, Scott Chamberlain, Duncan Temple Lang, Peter Wainwright (2011; v2 2015; v3 2019). CRAN_Status_Badge

Other Software


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