Mbi Day Three

MBI Workshop

Becky Epanchin-Niell

  • Motivating example of Rabies spatial control in Switzerland

  • 2012 Eco Let: should New Zealand survey for bark beetle? Cost of survellience, control, and damage. Epanchin-Niell et al. (2012)

  • 2012 JEEM spatial spread of star thistle: control spread and eradication as an integer programming problem in deterministic context. (with Wilen) Epanchin-Niell & Wilen (2012)

  • Breaking landscape into individual landowners makes it less valuable to control early.

Kat Shea

Brian Leung

“Data, uncertainty and risk in biological invasions”

  • Alien risk assessments Leung et al. (2012) , shows a dominance of rank scoring over truely quantitative approaches. Limitations to each.
  • It’s not the model complexity, but the implementation interface that poses the real barrier. Also need better integration needs.

Breakout session: Spatial strategies for management

Scott Barrett

PDG Control

  • back-and-forth with Paul: is second column redundant? Seems not: NPV when paying penalty that doesn’t exist is: profit under penalty (\(\Pi_0(x,h)\)) minus zero (adjustment cost), while scaling is set such that profit under penalty minus adjustment cost, \(\Pi_0(x,h) - \Pi_1(h, c_2)\). Also, better to normalize everything against the adjustment-free ENPV (\(Pi_0\)) than to normalize by the truth/simulation model (which differs in different cases).

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