EWS TE revisions

  • Finalized manuscript(?) Checking references, reply letter, closing remaining issues.
  • Very annoying to submit to a journal system that takes LaTeX but not any external style or class file dependencies. For instance, how does one add two footnotes to the same author without adding any such dependencies (oh, and writing macros that do not involve pairs of $ which pandoc mistakes for its own macros…) Reasonable author affiliations done otherwise using \and, \thanks, and \footnotemark; see simple.latex pandoc template.
  • Final edits from Alan.

prosecutor comment revisions

  • added Figure for Allee model into reply document.
  • added code for generating figures Figure1.Rmd
  • combined all four data files into a single tidy data.frame as csv.


Example API queries using Whitehouse Open Data CSV-API tool.

rfishbase queries

  • Continue to get questions about performing queries on fishbase that are just not possible with their current awful data model. This time: how can one extract the 400 natural mortality rate estimates mentioned on this page. No, the page entitled popgrowth doesn’t actually show you the table.

pdg-control: policycosts

Over the weekend, re-ran the policy costs analysis with the simpler apples-to-apples comparison (after stream-lining the code a bit more). General patterns remain the same. Also added a block for showing how well we are doing on our grid sampling at getting to a shared npv0 level.



  • obfuscated email via javascript, copy-paste and mailto: should still work. (Of course a scraper could use the very javascript code to access the email addresses, but I find this preferable to a solution that intenionally burdens the user). Spam filters should handle the rest.

  • Interesting reading about signing individual Git commits