Prosecutor’s Fallacy comment

  • Fallacy comment revisions
  • Comment reply letter (draft)
  • ROC curves instead? (examples)
  • Add example of system with an alternative stable state?

Policy costs (pdg-control)

  • touched up tex document following Paul’s edits (mostly reflects comments and decisions from Meeting 3). Reminder of why collaborating on TeX documents can be annoying even when co-authors are tex-literate. Attempted quick conversion to markdown but mapping is troublesome.


  • Some software providing rather impressive/high fidelity pdf to html conversion… Not just rendering as images – the text is searchable, though in the html source it just looks like a bunch of binary data URIs.
  • Scathingly honest review of the classical ecological statistics text by Sokal and Rohlf (pdf)
  • PNAS hates mathematics Not really, but a depressing example of poor reviewing.