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  • still working on non-parametric bayes draft today..


  • review sent to PRSB


  • Came across this rather nice summary of big data in Ecology through some buzz in the twittersphereHampton et. al. (2013) .
  • More fishery managment controversy with Halpern et. al. (2013) critiquing the ‘ocean food provision index’ from Nature last year, and a subset of that team replying Halpern et. al. (2013) . Seems to fall along the usual divisions of whether to use or ignore imperfect data; no doubt the truth lies somewhere in between.
  • Looks like Cavanaugh et. al. (2013) have a nice synchrony paper in kelp forests which I’m looking forward to reading.
  • Nonlinear forecasting strikes again in PNAS, Deyle et. al. (2013) Predicting climate effects on sardine with the usual suspects. May disentangle physical forcing from ecological dynamics.
  • Halpern et. al. (2013b) discuss the classic problem of optimization in conservation: balancing social equity, economic return and conservation needs.
  • ROpenSci is mentioned in a letter to the editor published in Ecotoxicology, (Schäfer et. al. 2013 ).

  • Kyle C. Cavanaugh, Bruce E. Kendall, David A. Siegel, Daniel C. Reed, Filipe Alberto, Jorge Assis, (2013) Synchrony in Dynamics of Giant Kelp Forests is Driven by Both Local Recruitment And Regional Environmental Controls. Ecology 94 499-509 10.1890/12-0268.1
  • E. R. Deyle, M. Fogarty, C.-h. Hsieh, L. Kaufman, A. D. MacCall, S. B. Munch, C. T. Perretti, H. Ye, G. Sugihara, (2013) Predicting Climate Effects on Pacific Sardine. Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences 10.1073/pnas.1215506110
  • Benjamin S. Halpern, Steven D. Gaines, Kristin Kleisner, Catherine Longo, Daniel Pauly, Andrew A. Rosenberg, Jameal F. Samhouri, Dirk Zeller, (2013) Halpern et al. Reply. Nature 495 E7-E7 10.1038/nature11975
  • B. S. Halpern, C. J. Klein, C. J. Brown, M. Beger, H. S. Grantham, S. Mangubhai, M. Ruckelshaus, V. J. Tulloch, M. Watts, C. White, H. P. Possingham, (2013) Achieving The Triple Bottom Line in The Face of Inherent Trade-Offs Among Social Equity, Economic Return, And Conservation. Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences 10.1073/pnas.1217689110
  • Stephanie E Hampton, Carly A Strasser, Joshua J Tewksbury, Wendy K Gram, Amber E Budden, Archer L Batcheller, Clifford S Duke, John H Porter, (2013) Big Data And The Future of Ecology. Frontiers in Ecology And The Environment 11 156-162 10.1890/120103
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