Altmetrics Conference

From Thursday Nov 1 through Saturday Nov 3 I attended the PLoS Altmetrics workshop as a member of the ROpensci project. An exciting meeting driven mostly by the opportunity to interact with a small and incredibly creative and innovative group of science publishers, funders, start-ups, and other researchers. Details of the event are largely recorded on the altmetrics 2012 workshop website. We also have a few slides addressing the ropensci slant.

The workshop followed up with a hackathon which produced prototypes of several ideas. I worked in the altviz team. Also completed the first release of rfigshare to CRAN.

Another side goal of the conference for me was to discuss some of the ideas that had arisen in the BeyondThePDF workshop over a year ago in regards to semantic markup, an idea I’ve recently explored in this notebook. To this end it was useful talking with Martin Fenner, Paul Groth, and John Kunze about semantic issues, implicit/inferred semantics vs explicit markup, etc. Also some progress in incorporating these ideas into knitcitations. For more in this space, see the Force11 project (successor/outcoem of the BeyondThePDF).