• Added results into prosecutors fallacy and sent to Alex, Noam, Marissa.
  • Ran pdf copy and sent Treebase to Duncan
  • README added to knitcitations
  • staticdoc documentation for knitcitations (and filed a few issues on staticdocs)
  • Updated documentaiton on treebase, rfishbase. updated their staticdocs documentation as well.
  • rfishbase 0.0-9 update pushed to CRAN
  • Working on prosecutor’s fallacy edits from Alex

Alan meeting

Discuss management example with ROC curve instead of hypothesis test

C rash No Crash
Action a b
o Action c d

Where $ d > a > b > c $

From the ROC curve: TP = f(FP), that is, y = f(x), so:

\[ \min_x a f(x) +b x + c f(x) + d x \]

  • simulate and detect. Dynamic updating?
  • estimate stochastic model

Misc tricks

Start a new branch on gh-pages for the documentation

true | git mktree | xargs git commit-tree | xargs git branch gh-pages

Then update in future using:

git checkout gh-pages
git read-tree master:inst/doc/html
git commit -a -m 'gh-pages documentation'
git push origin gh-pages
git checkout master
  • From updating staticdocs on gh-pages: Q on SO