Prosecutor's fallacy notes

Mostly getting Prosecutor’s Fallacy example to run with large enough sample sizes. Finer sampling or more replicates than current settings seems to crash MPI connections over farm cluster, probably a memory issue. Oh well, looks like I’ve got a good enough sample size here.

Citations on Jekyll

No ideal solution here at the moment, a couple options:

  • Pandoc: My intended solution, Disadvantages: converts everything to it’s own markdown format, which messes up my PHP Markdown tables and YAML frontmatter. Also chokes on large bibtex files, so I need to run bibtool / my bibgen script to generate the bib file first. Perhaps a scripted solution can get around this.
  • Use knit+R to generate citations with my knitcitations package. Advantages: customizable, can run on DOIs without needing to bother with bibtex. Easiest to extend with metadata in citations, such as CiTO. Disadvantages: not very polished, citation formating needs help.
  • jekyll-scholar: Perhaps the most promising of the citation plugins.