• Returned proofs for warning signals paper.
  • Wrightscape figures sent to Peter.
  • move fallacy to a branch off of main in earlywaring package?
  • Running knit on the large clusters means images cannot be uploaded as they are created, since compute nodes don’t have internet access. Saving files locally, I’ve created a little script to parse the output to find the and upload the local images, and swap the local paths for the url paths.
  • Also wrote quick R script to build the corresponding bib files from a markdown file with pandoc style citations.


  • Minor tweaks on new site.
  • Annoyed by Mathjax/markdown issues. Redcarpet. Maruku does better, protecting anything in $$, but lacks support for fenced code blocks. They are supposed to work on this fork, but no luck. UPDATE – problem solved, I can just wrap any mathjax expressions in a <div> </div> and they’ll work with any markdown interpreter.
  • UC considers an open-access policy, now open for comments. (Email Brian Kolner, we may get a statement from the GSA giving a student perspective on this one).