Project tracking (Ecology)


Has become a variety of different directions:

Policy Costs

Additional Noise

  • Starts with replicating Sethi et al. (2005).
  • Consider the performance of various non-optimal solutions, particularly regarding imperfect implementation
  • These are losely collected in Robustness examples, needs some evaluation of the most interesting.

Approaches to parameter, structural, and state uncertainty

Warning signals

  • Accepted!
  • Copy up on arxiv.
  • Streamline code and examples. Began updating functions to work in a more generic manner that is better for connecting in pipelines and swapping between indicators. Move examples over from wiki to inst/examples.
  • What to do with older repo warningsignals vs newer codebase earlywarning?
  • Provide a generic early warning signals package? Perhaps Vasilis would be interested in helping?


  • Write introduction with more basic background on warning signals
  • Touch up discussion, edits.
  • Updated runs from codebase. Heavy computation makes quick replication difficult
  • draft sent to Alan