Warning Signals

Warning signals paper accepted. Making minor edits before submitting final copy.

Added Alan’s edits.

  • Review model section again
  • Letter: Response to reviewers
  • Create Diff
  • Media Summary
  • Submit


Database papers

  • rfishbase edits made, reformatting in word, sent to Peter
  • Ethics form, recommended reviewers, cover letter.
  • Submit



NERSC web directory: create www in /project/projectdirs/m1366 NSF Arctic SEES grants

These larger, integrated efforts would promote understanding of Arctic systems and would develop optimized models, multiple stable state scenarios, sustainable pathways, decision matrices, visualization techniques and data infrastructure to aid decision making and communication, and structural, energy and communications technology solutions which would inform community practices, management, and policy for a more sustainable Arctic environment.

Methods in Ecology & Evolution is publishing quite a few R packages recently.