• Confirm travel plans for tomorrow


  • Stability analysis
  • speeding up policycosts (extra loop) will probably require some C coding. Meanwhile could hard-code in the profit function to accelerate things.
  • model averaging (mimic the fisheries science work & climate models that present distribution of outcomes over different models as the range of possibilities, lacking probabilities assigned to those models…).
  • work on model estimation
  • externalization: Note that we can tangle a file to create a .R script that can be used for externalization, rather than having to copy-paste the chunks. Nice if we want to source in rather than knit a file too.


  • Treebase manuscript writing…
  • having to knit from R terminal, trouble with makefiles and knit script?

need to use require(methods) and require(utils) separately?


  • Updated the pmc vignette successfully.
  • Kcachegrind comments to Hadley.
  • Are static pages the future?
  • Install/switch to Octopress? Pretty far from WP one-click installation… Software with large number of dependencies that are not packaged through the apt-get manager. Package conflicts that require manually reverting to older packages. Guide breaks over different Ubuntu versions. What aspect of this is simple and stable?
  • Ah, Jekyll bootstrap. Brilliant.
  • violin ggplots