Resilience seminar

  • the unhelpful resilience of invaded systems (ecosystem engineers anyone?  Cheatgrass change the fire regime, salt-cedar )  Examples in cheatgrass invading sagebrush, and saltcedar invading cottonwoods.
  • Variables on axes?  Problem of dimensionality? resilient to what?
  • Carpenter’s rigidity trap (need to eliminate something) vs poverty trap (something is missing)
  • promote a small disturbance to reset the system  – when are small disturbances stabilizing?  (escape the rachet?)


  • Summary for Training Problem II

Warning Signals

  • Figures for Alan paper.  (what to do with distributions)
  • Updating code to provide full replicate simulations, and properly handle parameter distributions.
  • rewriting warningsignals package for better S3 abstraction
  • ROC curves as separate section to compare between results.