Friday (lab group meeting notes)

Theme inspired by Jane Lubchenco’s talk last week: how do we connect science to management?  We’re breaking down this topic, with individual leaders for each week, as follows:

  • 1/27: Carl: optimal vs. actionable management recommendations
  • 2/3: Jaime/Noam(?): monitoring for management
  • 2/10: Allison: informing management vs. advocacy
  • 2/17: Lewis: what types of research are must useful to management
  • 2/24: Noam/Jaime: communicating uncertainty
  • 3/2: Marissa: funding sources for applied research, building collaborations outside academia, and service opportunities ((this is one of the days of the PFMC meeting in Sacramento, which would be rather relevant to our theme, so we might push this topic to next quarter))
  • 3/9: Emil: obstacles to implementing scientific advise
  • 3/16: Scott: the quality of science along the basic-applied spectrum (perceptions and reality)

Also shared some coding tricks and ways to share them.  Not sure what a good solution is for our small but diverse group, but trying our github organization, tpb-code.

Otherwise notes for today: writing writing writing…