Forage Fish course plan

Forage fish winter quarter session starts, attempting to write the synthesis manuscript based on Fall quarter. Broke into groups to write sub-sections (2-4pgs) by 15 Feb.

  • wk 3 FF Pop Dyn Carl* & Allison

  • wk 4 FF Fisheries: _Patrick*, Jay, Carl_

  • wk 5 Mammals & birds: Angee,* Jamie

  • wk 6 Predator fisheries:_ Jamie,  Kailin,  Angee_

  • wk 7 Fishmeal/oil: Jay* & Patrick

  • wk 8 human consumption/pet food: _ Allison* & David_

  • wk 9 non-consumptive: David* & Kailin

  • implies primary responsibility for a topic

Each section addresses:

  1. What information is needed to answer the delta

  2. What’s in literature

  3. What’s not

Getting started

Collaborative doc for Forage Fish - Population dynamics.

remember dropbox for papers and ppresentations from fall.