Resilience seminar course plan

Resilience Monte Carlo Seminar, 11am Tuesdays. Val Eviner.

  • Jan 17 Resilience of coral reefs/mangrove systems, Alexander Gaos
  • Jan 24 Resilience of degraded vs. intact systems, Erica Case and Alex Webster
  • Jan 31 Novel ecosystems, Ania Truszczynski and Mark Noyes
  • Feb 7 Landscape configuration, Julia Moore
  • Feb 14 Assisted Migration, Anna O’Brien
  • Feb 21 Designing and managing for resilience, Sarah McCullough and Caroline Wright
  • Feb 28 Thresholds/ uncertainty, Matt Meisner and Carl Boettiger
  • March 6 Managing for evolutionary potential, Jaime Ashander
  • March 13 ? Soils?, ?Archana Srinivas?