Monday - wrightscape meetings, PDG meeting

Wrightscape – added a user utility to to specify custom model types, such that some subset of the total number of regimes can share certain parameters.

Peter Meeting

  • Derivation – provide clear examples of the differences and by how much it matters.
  • Expected result from the biology: the jaw lever traits should show greater changes than the other traits after a release of constraint.
  • Based on previous studies, expect most of the action to be around the intramandibular joint innovation.

Luke Meeting

  • Set up wrightscape to run on the Anolis ecomorph data.  Requires custom_Multitype() to specify separate shared and independent parameters on different regimes.
  • Get wrightscape to compile on Luke’s Mac.  He has gsl libraries installed, yet somehow package won’t compile by R, complains that R cannot find gcc-4.2.  Solved aliased gcc to gcc-4.2, and compile worked fine.  Wish that didn’t take so long to think of.
  • Up and running on Luke’s Anolis data.

PDG Training Problem 1 Conference Call

1b: penalties on rate of change of control variable.

  • c depend on h – not a velocity penalty.
  • L_1 vs L_2  is a bigger penalty for large changes, small penalty for smaller
  • Operational question: do penalties change the nature of the optimal policy?
  • No cost penalties, upper bound on h
  • Jake with h_max stochastic problem – lose the state independence, alter the Reed solution.
  • Highlight differences from constant-escapement policy.

1a: curvature question

Focus on cases where state equation has stable node, chattering/limit cycles introduced by the control.

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