DataCite Day 2

9:00am-10:30am Session 4: Data and the Scholarly Output

  • MacKenzie Smith, Research Director, MIT Libraries. Orcid: the Open Researcher and Contributor ID Registry. (slides)

  • Greg Janee, Digital Library Research Specialist, Earth Research Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara. Earth Science Data:Second-Class Citizen in the Scholarly Record.

see great example of the ACRID database

  • Dr. Micah Altman, Archival Director, Henry A. Murray Research Archive, Senior Research Scientist, Harvard University. Principle for Data Citation. (Prezi Slides) (includes summary from Harvard’s Citation Principles workshop)

11:00am-12:30pm Session 5: The Role of Data Archives and Data Centers in Identifying and Preserving Data

  1. Sarah Callaghan, Senior Research Scientist and Project Manager, British Atmospheric Data Centre at STFC. Citation and Publication by NERC’s Environmental Data Centres.

  2. Bob Cook, Chief Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center, Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Lab. Archiving Earth Science Data: Experiences of the ORNL Distributed Active Archive Center.

  3. Mr. Uwe Schindler, PANGAEA, Data Publisher for Earth and Environmental Science, University of Bremen. PANGAEA - Data Publisher in the context of the ICSU World Data System.

1:30pm - 3:00pm Session 6: Publishers and Research Data - Roundtable Discussion

  1. Dr. Hylke Koers, Content Innovation Manager, Innovation & Product Development, S&T Journals, Elsevier. Integrating Data and the online Article on SciVerse ScienceDirect.

  2. Chuck Koscher, Director of Technology, CrossRef. Linking with Meaning: Relating Content.

  3. Jennifer Lin, Product Manager, PLoS. Perspectives on Open Access and

  4. Open Data.

  • 3:00pm - 3:30pm Break

  • 3:30pm -4:00pm Session 7: DataCite: Looking Ahead

  1. Adam Farquhar, Head of Digital Scholarship, Scholarship and Collections, The British Library

  2. Sebastian Peters, Software Developer, German National Library of Science and Technology. Technical Highlights and the Road Ahead.


Conferences are really about people.  Nice to the see familiar faces: Heather Piowowar, Jason Priem, Karthik Ram, Carly Strasser, William Gunn.  Nice to finally meet Dario Taraborelli (ReaderMeter).  Good to see Trisha Cruse, John Kunze, and Stephen Abrams for CDL, and meet some of the others from CDL.   Good to meet Sylvia Spengler NSF’s program director for information integration and Informatics.  Ben Rubin from Elseviers developer portal, and talk to Eric Kansa on use of Merritt in social sciences in Berkeley, (and the Edinborough georeferencing text software).  And of course the tweeps who I didn’t get to catch in person but enjoyed the online interactions none the less: Todd Carpenter, Sarah Callaghan.

Highlight discussions from some of the breaks:  (1) Where’s the snoody journal of data, where it’s really hard to get data accepted due to broad impact and high standards required?  (2) Do we need a research on effective research?  How do we generate such a community?

Also see:  Decoupling the Scholarly Journal, from Jason Priem.

Should also look into granular identifiers for my notebook objects, so I can capture version history in the image log as well as code log.

Reflections & notes from others

Reflections from Karthikon DataCite 2011.

Twitter log to much to archive here, but William Gunn has put together a nice collection of the links/references shared during over the feed on storify.

DataCite will probably make an official compilation of slides, etc, so more references soon. Also feel free to note others in the comments.