Wrote yesterday’s entry on power spectral analysis difficulties from yesterday.  Why don’t I remember my physics training better?  Bialek’s Phy562 notes still very helpful.  No one else seems to write about this stuff clearly enough for me.  Including me. 8a-11a

Catching up on reading.  Good news and discussion items in Nature on publishing code and review materials, excellent piece on climate change scientists engaging media, climate high performance computing in Brazil; etc see headlines and links in my twitter feed archive for today. 11-12:30.  A few good articles, see the Mendeley collections.

Phylogenetics likelihood manuscript revisions:

  • Reorganize methods section

  • Adjust the models presented, include correct tree diagrams.  Rename models.  Present: BM, OU1, All Diff, Four Clades, OU.LP?

  • Power analysis rewrite, connection to non-nested models.

  • Revisit phylogenetics signal part, play to larger audience than the island.

  • Bayesian methods nod

Continuing, 5-7. Model comparison section: write background on painting and broader relevance.

Meeting with Alan, 2.

Examples: Ground fish fisheries.  Epidemiology with vaccine forcing.  Drake data.  Scheffer data sets.

EVE seminar, 4. Interesting talk og going into intervention instead of simply conservation. Some key points and links in twitter archive.