Photo of Carl

Carl Boettiger

Assistant Professor

Photo of Kari

Kari Norman

Graduate Student

Photo of Allie

Allie Barner

Postdoctoral Fellow

Photo of Dan

Dan Sholler

rOpenSci Postdoc

Photo of Millie

Millie Chapman

Graduate Student

Photo of Your

Your Name Here?

Open Position


Photo of Milad

Milad Memarzadeh

Postdoctoral Researcher

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Zihao (Alex) Li
  • Katie Rice
  • Christopher Fan
  • Grace Li
  • Siwei (Steven) Ye
  • Brian Thorsen
  • Shea Conlon
  • Anna Liu
  • Simon Greenhill

Interested in Joining?

I'm always interested in talking with perspective undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral researchers. Please contact me with a brief email explaining your background and interests if you are interested in joining the group.

Undergraduates interested in independent work may wish to participate through UC Berkeley's SPUR or URAP programs, or through a senior thesis project.

Perspective graduate students in quantitative and computational ecology and environmental sciences should apply through the ESPM Department Graduate Admissions before Dec 1st. You may also wish to consider applying for an NSF pre-doctoral fellowship, the computational sciences graduate fellowship, NDSEG fellowship or EPA Star fellowship.

Perspective post-doctoral scholars should consider applying for the Miller fellowship, the NSF's Biology post-doctoral fellowships, McDonnell Foundation's complex systems post-doctoral fellowship or the Smith Fellows in conservation research.