• Feedback from Rutger, need to add about attributes so that RDFa abstraction references the right level of the DOM (issue #35).
  • Looking for strategy for distilling RDF from RDFa in R, see my question on SO. Hopefully don’t have to wrap some C library myself…


Writing writing.

  • Update pandoc templates to use yaml metadata for author, affiliation, abstract, etc. Avoids having to manually edit the elsarticle.latex template with this metadata. Added fork for my templates, e.g. see my elsarticle.latex. Example metadata in manuscript.

  • fixing xtable caption (as argument)

  • Extended discussion. Adjustments to figures. See commit log /diffs for details.


Mace (2013) , e.g.

a new kind of ecology is needed that is predicated on scaling up efforts, data sharing and collaboration

hear hear.

  • PNAS with a somewhat confused take on error rates, suggesting a revised threshold p-value…

  • AmNat Asilomar schedule (pdf) is up.