• nonparametric-bayes writing writing. see commits.
  • Started slides for Mangel group retreat. (in progress).
  • Working on requested review… background reading too.
  • reml read methods for data.set class, extending attributeList metadata tools.

Scribble notes for interivew

  • we are where math was 400 years ago - present theorem without proof.
  • code plays an ever-increasing role in our research, and hence in describing what we have done
  • potentially the most precise and consise way to describe a method. Also potentially the most obuscated or incoherent
  • we value writing. we value clean and documented wet lab technique.

  • inline code vs software papers. Mozilla will focus on the former. the latter is more difficult.
  • practices external to the code itself matter – maintenance, test suites, version control


structural uncertainty, etc

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