Notes from chat with Duncan

  • Keep metadata as part of the object
  • Recursion problem coming up.


  • Duncan has code using Matt’s java API
  • If the EML isn’t valid, so what? Important for developers, users don’t care.

API design

  • what’s with the This forces evaluation, can mess up lazyLoading, making for inefficient function handling.
  • Schema to create S4 objects
  • Create R objects first, and then toXML


  • will improve as we go

Paper outline

  • EML exists – metadata vs vertical
  • metadata manual in, manual out
  • data synthesis?

R object to XML

  • Accept / identify losely defined fields (lists)
  • Manually create a coercision method between R’s objects, e.g. “person” (attempt match of named elements to list slots automatically).
  • Separate coersion methods for read and write.

XML to R object

  • ParseEML - because it saves us a lot to know this is EML.
  • Coerce into generic S4 R classes (class definitions from schema)
  • Coerce automatically if element names are the same. Otherwise, manually coerce.

Further possibilities

  • Translations to other languages (e.g. python) can be automated.
  • Then add higher level mapping manually.