Visit To Whoi

Presented my work from the nonparametric-bayes project, Avoiding tipping points in the management of ecological systems: a non-parametric Bayesian approach at the Woods Hole Oceangraphic Institution as part of their weekly Biology Department Seminar Series.

Enjoyable visit, with some particularly great questions after talk: including challenges/opportunities in multi-dimensional examples, concerns about temporal heterogeneity, partially observed systems / working with catch data in place of stock assessment data. Less push-back than I anticipated on using the Gaussian process; probably aided by the SDP context. Quite broad interest in SDP in particular too, estimating MSY following regression models seems common. Interesting discussion about the challenge introduced by today’s emphasis on ecosystem management; how to still retain focus on tractable models.

Also some good discussion on the rOpenSci goals of large-scale data access and integration.