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Run with OU based data. Draw from sde package.



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  • Handle pull request for rfigshare

code-tricks: notes on merging select files from pull request

Pull request included changes to files we don’t want to change. To address this, we separate fetch and merge with --no-commit. First, fetch the remote repository:

git fetch master

The fetch is at FETCH_HEAD as it tells us in the console.

Now we merge the changes without committing them,

git merge --no-commit FETCH_HEAD

So the changes are all made, but not committed. We can simply unstage the changes we do not want. Since we only want one file, lets start by unstaging all commits

git reset --

So all changes are in our working directory as if we had just made them, but not told git to do anything yet. We can now drop any of the files we did not want to change back to their state at last commit (HEAD), for instance,

git checkout HEAD inst/examples/tutorial.Rmd

while staging the changes to the file we want changed:

git add R/fs_update.R

and finally commit and push the changes.


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