Applied Math Club meeting

(See reading material from Tuesday.

  • Start with stable age distribtution (indep of stock-recrutiment)
  • Consider the Entropy of that probability distribution, as function of mortality, by max age
  • Now consider the same for fecundity: the fraction/density of the population von Bertalanffy growth (fecundity)
  • effective mortality rate - mortality rate in an unfished population, distributed with same entropy as the fished population,
  • Kullback-Leibler distance to measure fishing influence?

  • Mutual information and the design of surveys?
  • (information in catch data?)
  • Bonsall: Information content of global dynamics from individual patch dynamics?



  • Is there information in catch data: a comment piece highlighting the debate with Pauly on the affermative and Hilborn & Branch on the negative, (Pauly et. al. 2013) and editoral commentary (unknown, 2013).

  • Looking over this approximate dynamic programming (ADP) paper in MEE, Schapaugh et. al. (2012). Possibly promising. I need to map out the space of ADP approaches and advantages/disadvantages a little more to get a better impression.

  • Schapaugh et. al. (2012): A new method for ADP? Or maybe not so new? see: , Towards a unified theory of state abstraction for MDPs.

  • Cute analysis on malaria as branching process in policy forum piece in Science (with Alex’s mentor) Chiyaka et. al. (2013).

  • And following up on today’s chats about information theory, a neat paper from Marc Frank (2012)

  • and making the rounds on the blogosphere bashing MAXENT, Renner & Warton (2013)

  • The Stability of Malaria Elimination. C. Chiyaka, A. J. Tatem, J. M. Cohen, P. W. Gething, G. Johnston, R. Gosling, R. Laxminarayan, S. I. Hay, D. L. Smith, (2013) Science 339 10.1126/science.1229509
  • Natural Selection. V. How to Read The Fundamental Equations of Evolutionary Change in Terms of Information Theory. S. A. Frank, (2012) Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25 10.1111/jeb.12010
  • Fisheries: Does Catch Reflect Abundance?. Daniel Pauly, Ray Hilborn, Trevor A. Branch, (2013) Nature 494 10.1038/494303a
  • Equivalence of Maxent And Poisson Point Process Models For Species Distribution Modeling in Ecology. Ian W. Renner, David I. Warton, (2013) Biometrics 10.1111/j.1541-0420.2012.01824.x
  • A Simple Method For Dealing With Large State Spaces. Adam W. Schapaugh, Andrew J. Tyre, Robert Freckleton, (2012) Methods in Ecology And Evolution 3 10.1111/j.2041-210X.2012.00242.x
  • . ()
  • Net Gains. unknown unknown, (2013) Nature 494 10.1038/494282a