• consolidate and revise EWS text(?)
  • replies to Luke and Brian on model choice

Notebook meta

  • fix google-analytics plugin (still needs to get toggle working?)
  • tests of notebook-parsing.Rmd. New errors on ; somehow in straight XML parsing, ignoring for the moment.
  • Opened a few new issues around improving site semantics. (#59, #60)


  • Resubmit rfishbase – silently load to local, not global namespace. Updated data cache (and ASCII-ify and compress).
    Also replaced data loading with system.file("data", "fishbase.rda", package="fishbase"). ASCII-only .rda is very annoying. Should work around this with alternative data file?

  • Resubmit rfigshare – punt on 3.0.0 compatible vignette for the moment
  • knitcitations: Fix the stupid disambiguation for inline citations (took way too long).


  • Brandt, G. & Merico, A. 2013 Tipping points and user-resource system collapse in a simple model of evolutionary dynamics. Ecological Complexity (doi:10.1016/j.ecocom.2012.12.003)
  • Cuddington, K., Fortin, M. & Gerber, L. 2013 Process-based models are required to manage ecological systems in a changing world. Ecosphere 4, 1-12. (doi:10.1890/ES12-00178.1)
  • Reiner, R. C. et al. 2013 A systematic review of mathematical models of mosquito-borne pathogen transmission: 1970-2010. Journal of The Royal Society Interface 10, 20120921-20120921. (doi:10.1098/rsif.2012.0921)