pdg-control Call

  • Send Figure 3 and 4 with stock dynamics to Paul.

Detailed to do items coming out of talk filed as Github Issues for pdg-control (policycosts)

Comment piece

Round 1 revisions sent to Lucy and Alan.

Workflow Workshop

At Simone’s invitation, I’m running a little session on workflow in git/Github, Rstudio, and knitr for the Mangel lab group. A quick brainstorm for an outline:

A first tutorial

  1. Create a new repository on Github
  2. launch an RStudio session, select create new project
  3. Add the git@ url to the project, select a local directory, hit “create”
  4. In Rstudio, create new R Markdown file.
  5. Editing the file. Hit “Knit HTML” button.
  6. add the files to git: git tab, check boxes.
  7. commit the .Rmd and md files, and push files to Github.
  8. Viewing files on github.

  9. Navigating Github: Project directory, viewing .md files, raw mode, viewing history of a file, getting permanent links to specific versions.
    10: Github extras: using issues. (Referencing issues in commits)

  10. Recovering a deleted file.

Git More Advanced

  • Create a gh-pages branch and add the html generated from the Rstudio/knitr. (Covers branching & webpage hosting on github)
  • Create a github homepage
  • Merging changes, resolving conflicts.
  • collaborating via github.
  • why sha hashes are awesome
  • private repositories
  • Repo Readmes

Other topics

  • Managing references. Sharing collections (Mendeley)
  • References in markdown. Pandoc. (knitcitations?)
  • Managing data. Figshare.
  • Social media for science.