Better Tagging Practices

Better tagging practices

  • Standardize use of tags: Match tags in notebook to project repository name. Tag papers in Mendeley by these tags as well.

I have also started tracking the medium of discovery for each paper I add to my Mendeley collection through a little set of Mendeley tags. I am curious to see through which mediums I obtain the most content, and what content. As with any ontology, I will struggle to select a vocabulary that is precise enought to be useful without being too verbose (b) to bother to continue to use this. We’ll see how I do.

tag description
source:reader Google Reader (RSS feed)
source:twitter Mentioned on twitter stream (or G+ stream)
source:search Searched for this article directly or by some keyword
source:bibliography In the reference list of something I’m reading
source:conference Discussed at a conference
source:blog Mentioned in a blog I read
source:human Directly recommended to me (in person or email, from reviewer, adviser, etc)
source:journal-club Something we read in a journal club
source:wikipedia Cited in a wikipedia article I read