EWS review

Composing a simple EWS review highlighting where signals are and are not expected and what this means for the system dynamics. With Alan and Noam. See manuscript repository, cboettig/ews-review.

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  • Does the matrix formulation fail to account for the treating profits as a function of realized harvest and true stock size rather than quota and measured size?


scicomp discussions on reproducibility


  • @hylopsar @mwpennell thanks - I always find it tricky to explain conditional probabilities clearly, so that’s nice to hear06:42 2012/10/10
  • Nice paper by +Matt Pennell, Saver &@lukejharmon on biases in inferring early bursts of evolution. https://t.co/ltRAQcCM12:51 2012/10/10
  • @figshare thoughts on supporting code and relevant licenses? https://t.co/042Zreni11:19 2012/10/10
  • my answer to: How to link code to publications https://t.co/9bsazYSj10:15 2012/10/10
  • Know any tips for increasing the archival longevity of scientific code? https://t.co/PPdzsxfK09:27 2012/10/10
  • Thanks! RT @noamross Out now in PRSB: Early warning signals and the prosecutor’s fallacy, by @cboettig & Alan Hastings https://t.co/dAq6tlmC09:23 2012/10/10