Value of information

  • bias table with measurement noise
  • Fix deterministic.
  • Run scenarios with very low noise rather than deterministic
  • Reed S vs. D theorem
  • Reed theorem extended to Sethi cases
  • simulation values should import scenario list. (done for bias table).

Reed theorem

  • Not showing S = D for cost free. hmm…
  • Not showing S constant for different profit functions?!

impact of management on warning signals

Compare the probability of detection in managed and unmanaged models.

See pdg-control Issues Tracker for details

I’m trying to rely on the issues tracker to provide a more dynamic way to track progress than simply listing goals in the notebook. Hope to link these to the notebook through the Github API, ideally as static snapshots.


  • Evolution talk
  • fishbase reply
  • iEvoBio talk (rOpenSci)