pdg-control Working group

  • send summary briefing for stochastic policy costs paper – DONE
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Value of information

  • To better get at Jim’s question, should compare (profit from growth only noise) - (profit from deterministic) + ((profit from measurement only) - (profit from deterministic)) to (profit from growth+measurement) - (determinsitic), i.e. is (growth+measurement) greater/less than (growth) + (measurement) - deterministic?
  • Clarify this! is (profit from growth only) the case in which (a) the manager includes growth noise in the solution when in reality it is absent (hence the deterministic solution is optimal), (b) the case where the manager includes growth noise and it is present (i.e. both are optimal given reality, but reality differs, not the information)
  • when/are the policies equivalent regardless of the noise?

Fallacy paper

  • Integrate Noam comments DONE
  • Data analysis on updated model runs. DONE
  • Replace Figure 1 with conceptual diagram of fallacy. DONE
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Evolution stuff

  • pmc bugfix (see issues log)
  • write more wrightscape, email peter

treebase edits.

  • added metadata() to combine metadata sources and improve data discovery
  • adding Duncan’s corrections
  • Duncan’s corrections round 2:
  • Revised figures. Return more example code to body
  • Text comparing the process of doing tasks manually!


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  • See labnotebook issues.


Meeting with Jim

  • Quantify the penalty influence on stock dynamics, not just on the control dynamics!

Potential extensions to Policy Costs:

  • Measurment uncertainty?
  • Allee effect?
  • interaction with nonlinear?

  • memory introduced in policy
  • comparison to autocorrelated noise results
  • what would you have concluded from stock

pdg-control Reading

  • Bohm 1974
  • Sigh et al. 2006 essentially treats this problem but with two control variables – fishing fleet and harvest level.
    Highlights the tradeoff: want a variable harvest rate since Jensen’s inequality guarantees that a fixed harvest rate will under-perform in stochastic stock, but need a smoother change to avoid adjustment costs to the fleet.
  • (Show the underperformance of the fixed harvest rate?)

Bohm, P. (1974). On the Effects of Policy Costs. The Swedish Journal of Economics, 76(1), 104. doi:10.2307/3439361

Singh, R., Weninger, Q., and Doyle, M. (2006). Fisheries management with stock growth uncertainty and costly capital adjustment. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 52(2), 582-599. doi:10.1016/j.jeem.2006.02.006


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