pdg-control Day 1 goals by training problem

Training Problem I / Theme 1

Policy costs

  1. Functional forms of cost & Structure of the paper
  2. Comparability (view over all costs? view expected economic benefit?)
  3. Visualizations
  4. Dan’s L1 norm story (vs stochastic, discrete time?)

Transaction Fee details in cts time, deterministic

Advanced problem 1

How many spatially differentiated policies are optimal 1. formulate bioeconomic model 2. modularity methods 3. comparison of GBR & Caribbean examples

Training Problem 2 / Theme 2

Synthesis paper Advanced problem II. 1. Functional forms for simulations, parameters, updating learning 2. Vet different forms of uncertainty (vocab) 3. Solve the simulations for model uncertainty: Adaptive management MPD, POMDP. 4. POMDP & Outline manuscript.

advanced Prob II on Allee.