Wednesday -- meetings

Alan meeting

write write write

Duncan Meeting

Troubleshooting S3 and S4

Try adding methods? Changing order on NAMESPACE?

Leaving ouch off the import list: no errors, but within functions, don’t get S4 method. import but don’t depend on ouch: error.  accurate, since simulate is left as an s3 function at the user level.

What a headache.  See stackQ.


Duncan’s feedback

Meredith Meeting

Run a science policy workshop with Davis open science group?

Peter Meeting

Detecting release of constraint through phylogenetic methods

  • Figure 1: cartoon of the difference between the release of constraint and the brownie model.
  • Figure 2: Traits (Peter)
  • Figure 3: regimes phylogeny
  • Figure 4: Flow diagram of the model choice process
  • Figure 5: Figure Model choice, <– must be intuitive!
  • Figure 6: panel Figure for parameters.  <- barplot

And back to Work…

  • pmc fixed, maybe?  Vignette needs expanded explanations and simpler syntax, plus figure fixed.
  • Evolution post?