Tuesday: pmc package, latex to word attempts

Back from Oz.

Evolution submission: Latex to word

Final submission needs editable copy.  No great solutions for latex to word, despite quite a few options:

  • tex2rtf is a fast solution to get something, but not successful on images or equations.  Ended up going with this after all.

  • pandoc is a generic converter to many types, but has only partial support for latex input.  Does okay on text, but fails on even simple things like italics and natbib citations

  • lyx sounded like a promising solution, as lyx has a OpenDocument export option.  Unfortunately I could only get a blank .odt out.

  • tex4ht doesn’t work out of the box (thougha lot of work might get around this)

mk4ht oolatex file.tex
  • lots of ways to go to html, or pdf into word, but all seem lossy.  More possible solutions on Q&A’s askubuntu and tex, from which many of these suggestions came as well.  Still no robust solutions.  Why don’t we all just use html these days?


Revised the front-end for this package entirely over the break. Adding some polish, cleaning up the package, and writing a new vignette for the update today.

A few random notes
  • Need a commented command for Vignette to pass R CMD check that gives the vignette a title
%\VignetteIndexEntry{Using PMC}
  • sorting out the vignette with the updated examples, using knitr (thank goodness for caching, geiger performance sucks).

  • Comment out the parallelization for generality?