Mapping out SICB Presentation: Is your phylogeny informative?

Assembling material/outline for my SICB presentation in January, will be giving a practice talk in the Wainwright lab on Wednesday. 15 minute presentation with 5 minutes for questions.

  • Designing presentation in “storyboard” format in Inkscape.  Will figure out if I convert to slides or not.

  • Simulations under the Anoles dataset to show posterior distributions of lambda.  Exploring the connection between the likelihood of a parameter under each model to that of the distributions of the likelihood ratio.  Clearly more valuable to look at likelihood of the whole data than that of a (not necessarily good) summary statistic (model parameter that isn’t a sufficient statistic).

  • To that effect, I’ve added the ability to estimate likelihood of a parameter under the alternative model, rather than just bootstrapping parameters directly.

  • Have also begun developing socialR package to handle the social reporting functions more smoothly.

See github and flickr logs for today for more details.