• Sent Peter updated draft of Labrids manuscript
  • Writing up logarithms manuscript finally…
  • Contacting Helen re. primates data
  • Created Labrid Functional Morphology literature collection:

Research collected using Mendeley

  • Started stochastic methods and model inference collection:

Research collected using Mendeley

Various To Do

  • Add Peter’s bootstrap references and books to stochastic methods and model inference library.
  • Add Science of Science papers to Future of Science collection.
  • Adding tags, abstracts, etc to Mendeley public Library
  • Personal/extended task view (and opinion?) on R comparative methods?
  • Summarize existing methods on notebook coverpage.


  • Reviewing ways to collaborate on LaTeX – hmm, converting into open office format may make the most sense for manuscripts, as layout isn’t important anyway. Mendeley plugin for references in openoffice is quite nice.
  • Converting my LaTeX files to document format:
  1. latex2rtf simple, reliable for text, ok for figures, seems to fail on equations/symbols and formating.
  2. tex4ht seems the best way if the tex document is configured to produce dvi. Still need a pdflatex solution. i.e.
htlatex filename "xhtml,ooffice" "ooffice/! -cmozhtf" "-coo -cvalidate"
  • An excellent guide here on collaborating on latex, basically through version management methods though.
  • Scribtex, an online tex editor looks particularly promising.
  • The openwetware page on LaTeX is also quite useful, and the OWW LaTeX extension makes OWW another LaTeX collaborative solution.