• Trouble-shooting on parameter refitting version of LR bootstraps.

NESCent ——————————————————————————

  • Considering a visit to NESCent, meet researchers and learn about programs, post-docs, etc.


  • Todd Vision, UNC – Ass. Director Informatics. Contact Re: Dryad project. Consider a white paper on interdisciplinary evolutionary synthesis.
  • Brian Weigmann NCSU Diptera Systematics. Ass. Director Outreach NESCent
  • Allen Rodrigo Director NESCent. (Computational evolutionary biology). Discuss possible catalysis meeting, working group, visiting scholar.
  • Susan Alberts Director of Science and Synthesis. (Marcrofauna behavior). Discuss possible catalysis meeting, working group, visiting scholar.
  • Liam Revell

Linking Big


  • Would be fantastic to explore the potential for a Catalysis Meeting
    • “Typically, proposals that have been selected for support by NESCent are those that explicitly capitalize on NESCent’s in-house community, its linkages locally, nationally, and internationally, and the IT and logistic resources that are available”
  • “We greatly encourage synergy between sabbatical scholars, short-term visitors, working groups, catalysis groups, and postdoctoral fellows.”

  • Science of Science Project, Professor Cummings on Science Collaboration. Fascinating set of papers. Also contact Chris Shields. These ideas are also attracting strong NSF support

  • Working Group

  • Fantastic Open Science Policy on data and code.

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