About this site


This site is built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. Site source at cboettig/cboettig.github.io. Please report errors or feedback here. The cboettig.github.io repository hosts the main pages, while my lab notebooks are now hosted from separate GitHub repositories by year as described in this post. For more about the open lab notebook, please see this introduction

Site Features & Credits

Notebook Archiving & Data Management

The lab notebook is written and maintained in plain text (UTF-8) using markdown. All files are kept in a version managed repository system using git, which provides unique SHA hashes to protect against corruption. Synchronized backups of the git repository are maintained on both local and remote servers to protect against hardware failures, as well as on the public international software repository, GitHub github.com/cboettig. Version history preserves a time-line of changes and protects against user error file loss. Archival copies of notebook entries shall be published annually to figshare

Building from source

This site is built automatically using Docker and Drone CI, as described in this post. This site repository also now includes a Dockerfile for generating a portable docker container to generate the site. A separate Dockerfile for building boostrap 3.1.1 CSS can be found in the assets/_bootstrap-3.1.1 directory.

NOTE: This site is developed for my own needs and may be difficult to adapt directly to another purpose. If you are new to Jekyll, consider starting with a Jekyll theme such as Poole.

Copyrights & License

All original content unless otherwise specified is placed in the public domain by Carl Boettiger to the extent possible under law by the Creative Commons Zero declaration, CC0. Please remember to cite or attribute this content where appropriate.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation or the University of California.